What is a First Look and do you recommend it?

A First Look is a few special moments when the Bride and Groom get to see each other all dressed up before the ceremony.    I could sit here for a couple of hours writing about the benefits of a “First Look”, but instead I’d rather let you read a blog post written by photographer Matt Mason.   If the “First Look” isn’t something you are interested in, that’s great too.  It’s your day and with or without a First Look is fine with me.

Do you have back up equipment incase something goes wrong during the wedding or reception?

I do.  I am a Canon shooter and have 3 camera bodies and several lenses, flashes and off camera lighting equipment.

This is what is in my camera bag

2 Canon 5D Mark II

1 Canon 5d Mark III

85 mm 1.2

50 mm 1.2

15 mm fisheye

24-70 mm

70-200 mm

24-105 mm

100 mm macro

20 mm

17-24 mm

several flashes with transmitter to use off camera

I have a friend that had to wait almost 5 months to get her wedding pictures.  Is that normal?

NO!  Shame on her photographer!  The Bride and Groom are  going on their honeymoon, they come back ready start their lives together and they are really excited about seeing the pictures, they shouldn’t have to wait.  I will have your fully edited pictures online within 10 days of the wedding date and then I’ll send you all of these large JPG images on a jumpdrive within 2 weeks, with print rights.   Here are a couple of online labs that do GREAT work…check them out!  WHCC and MPIX

Have you got any advice for the Bride and Groom on their wedding day?

Don’t worry!  If anything goes wrong, nobody is going to know.  My best advice is to HAVE FUN!   A few years ago one of my brides told me something I’ll never forget…She told me she wanted her family and guest to be happy that they gave up their Saturday to come to her wedding.   So when you are planning your day, keep your family and guest in mind and have FUN!

If you have any questions please call me.   I look forward to talking with you.


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